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Your resource for the organic catnip, honeysuckle & valerian toys cats dream of, such as Hot Cats® catnip toy, Honeysuckle Mouse by Kitty Kottage, and one of our signature products - Alix's Valerian Spiced Catnip Refillable Bag.

Looking for information on catnip? Why does your cat act like that? Read our Catnip FAQ!

Seeking some of the best catnip available? We offer certified organic catnip from Full Circle Herb and premium, grown without herbicides catnips from From the Field, and our own Plain Brown Tabby Gourmet Leaf & Flower Catnip. Your choices include catnip in various forms -- finely ground, buds on the stalk and Alix's Valerian Spiced Leaf & Flower Catnip.

If your cat does not react to catnip, have you tried the "uncatnip" - honeysuckle? For answers to your questions about honeysuckle and your cat, read our Honeysuckle FAQ!

We also feature unique pet gift baskets of our own design such as our very popular "Take-Out" series featuring the Tabby Takeout - newly updated contents for 2014! Our "Takeout" is made fresh to order! We also now offer Honeysuckle To Go and Alix's Sweetheart Box

Interactive play can be important for the health of your kitten or your sedentary, older cat who needs some exercise, and interactive play helps to build a healthy relationship between you and your pet. We provide a range of cat toys including Honeysuckle toys, an extensive selection of Valerian toys for cats who don't respond to catnip (want to know more about Valerian? Read our Valerian FAQ), and kitten appealing toys that bounce and crinkle and can be picked up as captured "prey".

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