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Choosing a toy

Recommended Toys for all Life Stages of Your Cat

Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats recommends beds, toys and all-natural treats for cats of any life stage from kitten, adult to senior cat. Interactive toys for exercise to help maintain cat health, organic catnip for relaxation and self-play, and healthy feline treats to reward cat behavior or as an appetite stimulant.


Age? From 8 weeks to 6 months.

Why this age range? 6 months is an average age for many kittens to reach sexual maturity.

Why is that important? The response to catnip is an inherited "autosomal dominant trait" -- in other words, it is genetic and your kitten or cat must have inherited the appropriate genes. Plus, not only must your cat have the right genes to respond, but they must also be old enough -- the age of sexual maturity. For more information on Catnip Frequently Asked Questions, click here. It is rare for a kitten to respond to catnip, so we do not recommend catnip toys for kittens under 6 months of age.

Recommended Beds for Kittens:

Our Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds -Chocolate Chinchilla --24" by 19" size, a sumptuous, extra soft faux fur bed that your kitten (or cat!) will love! Bed features luxurious, plush faux fur on both sides. Machine washable, air dry.

Recommended Toys for Kittens:

Crinkleball-- Colorful mix of soft acrylic fabric, woven through with gold metallic material that shimmers with light and crackles with sound.

Excellent interactive toy to exercise the kitten who is still full of energy when it is your bed time and is either not letting you get to sleep or is waking you up early in the morning for play. This is a cat behavior that you do not want to have become permanent. To break this before it becomes a habit...try using the hour before you are ready to retire to have a good 15 minute play session with your kitten.

For more ball toys, wand toys or feather teasers, go to our Toys Page.


Panda the kitten plays with a ball cat toy.
Does Panda love his Kitty Kaviar? Judge for yourself!


Age? From 6 months to Adult (7 years). The age a cat is considered an adult will vary depending on the reference, the range is 6-8 years. For this life stage, toys are to exercise and tone your cat's muscles, and to further strengthen the bond you share with them. Treats are useful as rewards for any cat behavior training you may be doing, and catnip can be used to both relax or encourage self-play.

Recommended Bed for Adults Cats


Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds - Cloud Leopard--24" by 19" size, a sumptuous, extra soft faux fur bed that your cat will love! Bed features luxurious, plush faux fur on one side and sherpa fabric on the other.

Recommended Toys for Adult Cats:

Furball Frenzy™-- two intertwined faux fur rings, each ring stuffed with organic catnip. Bells are safely tucked inside the rings. Captivates with sound of ringing bells, stimulates hunting skills and "rabbit-kicking" play.

Eco-Pouncer Mini by Honest Pet Products, Varied Colors--an eco friendly mouse that is made of solid sheep's wool, and features an all-natural lanolin aroma.

Recommended All-Natural Treats for Adults:

From the Field Premium Catnip Budz-- super potent, super fresh, and hand harvested.. Remove buds from the stalk, crush slightly and serve just a pinch as they are very potent!

For more organic or premium catnips raised without pesticides, or for honeysucklevalerian toys, or silver vine products for cats that do not respond to catnip, go to our Site Map.


Age? 7 years and up. In this life stage your cat may have become much more sedentary, those cat naps may seem to be most of its day! Cat health issues may begin to develop in the teen years such as Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), raising issues to deal with such as poor appetite.

Recommended Bed for Senior Cats

Nature Nap Oval Cat Mat- Varied Colors --Dimensions are 19x15x2 inches, features a (per the manufacturer) "custom designed fabric has a poly-knit backing that interlocks the fibers to add strength without sacrificing softness. Thick recycled poly batting is sewn inside for extra comfort and top-stitching eliminates bunching, while creating a raised edge for added support." Made in the USA.

Recommended Toys for Senior Cats:

Hot Cats Catnip Toy-- Simplicity in a 6 inch long sausage-shaped toy stuffed with organic catnip & nothing else! In durable denim twill, I've seen this sturdy toy getting loving attention a year after purchase!.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy Cat Toy-- wonderful natural sheepskin toy for cats! Handmade, this plain and simple toy is cut in such a way that it gently corkscrews, enticing wrestling, snuggling, tossing. A soft toy gentle when being held in the mouth.

Treats for Senior Cats:

From the Field Catnip Spray Rejuvenator-- potent catnip spray made with just distilled water and essential catnip oil! Purrfect for rejuvenating an older toy, helping attract your cat to a new scratching post, sweetening up a cat bed for those lazy afternoon power naps!

The above recommendations are a guideline of what beds, catnip products, toys and treats to consider for your kitten, adult or senior cat when cat health and cat behavior are considerations. Please browse our Site Map to see the extensive list of our categories, and our other cat toys and all-natural treats.

One Senior Cat's Experience with Catnip Buds

"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in great shape, thank you!!! While the goodies are for our girls for Christmas, my daughter (age 12) and I couldn't help but try the buds out with them. LOL Have you ever seen a totally dignified 14 year old cat act like a kitten? This white beast of ours did!! Right down to being spread eagle on the floor, rubbing her face on the hardwood! She then decided to chase the younger cat, claws flying.... she always runs FROM the younger cat...." Eddy, Florida