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February 2015 We are so pleased to again have earned this award!


September 2014    We are so pleased to have created a new toy (Furtune Kookies with Alix's Valerian Spiced Catnip) for giveaways around the soon to be published book A Letter to My Cat.
Here is a link to our letter to Alix - the reason for Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats.  * The Furtune Kookie is a creation of Auntie Em Creations, using our special blend of valerian spiced catnip. 

April 2014 
One toy we offer - Enchantacat Catnip Filled Pineapple is a Fave Find at Modern Cat! 



March 2014


November 2013

Check out this review of one the many Made in the USA cat toys we offer, in The Cat Site's Holidays Shopping Guide for Cat Lovers!

October 2013

Check out this positive review at thoughtsandreviews.com of one of our most popular organic catnip toys - Hot Cats Catnip Toy

Fall/Winter 2013/2014



August 2013 We are pleased to be providing one of the prizes that each of the Top 10 Finalists for the $1,000 Catification Makeover will be receiving. Please go read about each of the finalists, see the prizes they are competing for, and cast your vote!

December 2012  Tabby's Place did a blog entry  about our donation of toys and treats! Features photos and a video link.

September 28, 2012  Some of our toys were reviewed here: Cat Wisdom 101 and there is a giveaway in process until October 4th!  Go see what Odin and Merlin thought of our Ticked Tabby Catnip Pillow, Tabby Tuffet - Valerian Spiced and  Kitty Cuddler with Alix's Valerian Spiced Catnip !

September 2012 
Our store and one of the natural wool toys we offer, the Eco-Pouncer Mini by Honest Pet Products, was mentioned in the September issue of fetch! health newsletter.
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May 2012 We participated in the $1,000 Catification Makeover contest  by providing a Kitty Cuddler with Alix's Valerian Spiced Catnip  toy to each of the Top 10 Finalists!

March 2012 We had some of our toys and treats reviewed on the Notes From Dawn Blog.  Check it out!

Fall 2010 We are proud to have been mentioned in the article "Treat Her Well" in the Fall issue of Feline Wellness!


December 2008:We are proud to have one of the quality products that we carry (only found in independent pet retailer's shops) featured in the current issue of Feline WellnessHot Cats 4 Pack Gift Box is the featured item.

We are honored to be one of the sponsors of Animal Wellness Magazine's 6th Annual Amazing Animals Photo Contest! See details in the current issue.

On April 22nd, our original designEco-Green-Kitty Cat Gift Basket was the item of the day on CosmoGirl magazines website! 5 lucky folks won one of these gorgeous baskets filled with organic or all-natural toys and treats.

Two of our most popular toys are featured in Feline Wellness Magazine just published April 2008. Thanks to the owners of these lovely cats (Simba with her Flutterballs, and Coco with her KirbyStick) who took and gave permission for the use of their photos of these lovely cats at play!

We are listed in Treehugger.com's 2007 Holiday Guide Part II - for one of the eco conscious products we carry, the SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Kit and in Plenty Magazine's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide for two of the organic catnip toys we carry - Yeowww! Sour Pusss Lemon and Yeowww! Catnip Apple.






We are pleased to share that Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats is profiled in a book entitled "Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets From The Experts Who Are Making Millions On The Internet Today" by Rene V. Richards.





Press Releases

For Immediate Release
September 2007
Kitty's Dreams Come True at Plain Brown Tabby

Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats (www.catniptoys.com), in honor of their 5th Anniversary, is proud to announce advances in targeting the “green” consumer. With gift baskets packed full of organically grown catnip-filled toys and all-natural, single protein, safe for kitty, treats, Pat Krook is focused on getting chemicals and potentially unsafe preservatives out of the home environment and kitty’s diet.

Pat began Plain Brown Tabby five years ago with the goal of making her business the place “where Kitty dreams and wishes come true.” To this end she has been tireless in her search for unusual and unique cat toys produced in an environmentally friendly way from wool, feathers, and other materials. Additionally, Plain Brown Tabby has introduced several original toy designs, including the Tabby Tuffet, Tabby Tussle, “Alix’s” Super Sack Gourmet Leaf & Flower Catnip (5 cups of excellent quality catnip), and the “Alix’s” line of refillable bag toys. Not only does she sell organically grown catnip but also offers catnip alternatives in naturally grown honeysuckle and valerian.

The market for wholesome treats, safe toys, and Earth-friendly packaging is a huge one, as evidenced by Plain Brown Tabby’s phenomenal growth in the first five years of its existence. Look to Plain Brown Tabby for innovative and green ideas for making Kitty a happy camper!

Contact Information:
Owner: Pat Krook
Ph/Fax: 877-886-3917


September 2006
Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats Introduces Valerian Cat Gift Basket 

Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats expands its popular "Take-Out" series of cat gift baskets to include "Valerian To Go" - the first cat gift basket containing just valerian or valerian mix cat toys.

Known for its extensive selection of gourmet catnip toys, hard to find classic cat toys, and all- natural cat treats, Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats has one of the webs largest selections of catnip-alternative cat toys in honeysuckle and valerian.

Owner Pat Krook says "As I celebrate my 4th Anniversary, I have been extremely gratified by the growth of Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats - each year gross annual sales have doubled. I believe the reason is that cat lovers will do what ever it takes to find a favorite toy or treat no longer available locally. I take care to keep those classic cat toys & favorite treats in stock, and to expand our offering of the newest treats and unusual cat toys such as those containing valerian. Our company goal (and motto) is to truly be the place "Where Kitty Wishes and Dreams Come True". 

We are delighted that one of the valerian toys we offer was positively reviewed in the April 2006 issue of Cat Watch Newsletter - Valerian Pom Poms by Kooky Kat.

Our original design gift basket, Tabby Takeout was highlighted in NAPPS Spring 2006 Ezine issue! 
(National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, www.petsitters.org)