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Mylar Cat Toys: Make your Friend Happy with a Shiny Cat Toy

We know that our little furry friends deserve the very best, and it is essential that they often exercise themselves. Cats need daily exercises so they can stay fit and healthy, overweight cats are common, unfortunately, especially if they are getting old. When older, our feline friends get lazy and sleep more, it’s important to establish an exercise routine with…

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The Best Premium Cat Food Brands for 2019!

If you are a feline lover, you know that they have their own personalities. And they can have different preferences when food related. Besides, like humans, they also need good nutrition in order to stay healthy. We are cat owners too, and we feel your pain, so we made this post with the Best Premium Cat Food Brands, both, dry…

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Taking in a Stray Cat: Is it bad to accept stray cats?

Is it bad to accept stray cats? I can assure you something, It’s a life-changing event! When you decide to adopt a stray cat, you are getting yourself a life companion that will show you and give you all the love you need! In addition, you are saving a life, changing that little being world and making it happier! Strays…

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