Who We Are

Cat Nip Toys opened for business on September 9th, 2002. We are pleased to be in our eighth year of business! As we continue to expand our selection of classic or cutting edge gourmet cat toys & treats, we welcome your requests.

Inspired by the love for one mouthy, charming “plain brown tabby” American Curl, Alix P. Curl, we found delight in pleasing her, and hope to help you please yours.

Alix passed away March 14, 2009 – leaving us with many, many cherished memories of almost 16 years of living with her. She was unique, irreplaceable, and will be deeply missed.

We have chosen to focus our business on what we believe cats wish for & dream of!

We offer a selection of carefully chosen, healthy & delicious, all-natural cat treats, charming cat toys including an expanding number of our own design, our own line of themed pet gift baskets, plus all natural or organic catnip, valerian and gourmet honeysuckle products.

Our selection of premium ground leaf and flower catnips give you a choice of fine grind and regular grind leaf and flower, potent fat catnip buds on the stalk, elegantly presented. Our catnip toys are some of the most potent and popular toys available, a special few were playtested and certified “Tabby-TuffTM” by Alix P. Curl during her life. It was one of her “duties” and she enjoyed testing toys greatly.

We also offer quite a selection of fun non-catnip toys including Crinkleballs, Fur Balls , and feather wands, a selection of comfy cat beds and refillable catnip mats. Our company goal (and our motto) – to be the place “Where Kitty Wishes and Dreams Come True”.

Our Mission:

To be your resource for information on catnip and catnip effects, and your source for hard to find, premium organic catnips, catnip products & cat toys for every life stage of your cat. To provide you with an ever-expanding assortment of unique non-catnip toys including honeysuckle and valerian cat toys, and healthy all-natural treats such as Kitty Kaviar and WildSide Salmon for Cats.

“My first order arrived yesterday, and I’ve never seen anything like it. My older cat, Bailey, was loving the box! I didn’t even open it, and he was doing his dancing and purring and rubbing act with it. I had to fight to even get the box open! And then he was overcome with joy! I have never seen my cat react so vigorously to anything I’ve ever purchased. The cat nip toys were heaven and he (finickly, usually) loved the snacks. All in all, everything was a 150% success. I haven’t seen my 13-year-old boy so playful in years!”

— R.L. in NJ


Zoey shows her “paws-on” approach to a Furball Frenzy! We thank her owner, Sicy, for allowing us to use this gorgeous “kitty model” on our site!

Cat Nip Toys is an internet store, registered in the state of Washington. You can call us toll-free any time between 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, to speak to the owner. We love to hear from our customers! Our fax is available 24 hours a day, as is our voice mail, and we will respond to your fax, e-mail or voice mail within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Cat Nip Toys
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** To reach a real purrson when you call, listen to the greeting, press 1 before the beep, and then press the Star key. If we are unable to take your call, you will be given the option to leave a voice message, and we will return your call within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.**