Best Flea Dip for Cats: How to give a Cat a Flea Bath

Does your cat have fleas?

If the presence of these small parasites in the body of your pet is detected, it is important that you begin the deworming process as soon as possible, to try to prevent the infection from progressing and the plague to spread in your house.
The best way to check if a cat has fleas is to pass an anti-flea brush, those that have fine bristles. See carefully if the comb has picked up some nits, larvae or a flea (they are very small so you have to look good)

  • Fleas on cats symptoms:
    The most obvious symptom is if your cat doesn’t stop scratching, especially in areas such as the base of the tail or head.
    However, it is possible that the plague has spread and that the animal has fleas throughout the body.
    Other signs that we can see are if the cat is not very excited about playing or if it spends more time lying down.
  • Best Flea Medicine:

Pipettes: Are one of the most commonly used antiparasitics, as they are very easy to use and very effective.
This is a product that must be applied to the back line of the animal (an area that can’t be accessed during their daily washes) and has an instantaneous effect.

Antiparasitic collars: Are made of plastic and contain insecticides that repel fleas and kill them if they have been lodged in the animal’s body.
Its duration can reach approximately 3 months, and when this time comes you should change it for a new collar because its effectiveness disappears.
It is the alternative to pipettes although the first ones last much longer and do not disturb the feline.

Anti-Flea Shampoo: These types of anti-flea shampoo helps to eliminate cat fleas.
It is not recommended that they are used as a preventive method since to protect the animal would have to give him a bath every two days, something that does not match the nature of the cats.

  • How to give a cat a flea Bath:

To prepare a good bath to eliminate the fleas off your pet you will need:

Warm water
Anti-flea Shampoo

While bathing your pet be sure to rub the back and tail, since most fleas will be entwined there.
If possible, let the shampoo works for about 5-10 minutes. Remember to avoid to wet the ears and head.
Then rinse the cat very well and dry it well with a white towel.
This is the best part for them, so do it with a lot of affection. Finally, get rid of the uncomfortable fleas of your little one by running a comb all over your body.

  • How do get rid of cat fleas in the house:

Once you have sent the fleas away, you will need to clean your house.
Keep in mind that these animals are housed in any space and may have laid eggs on the sofa, pillow or any other space that your cat has climbed.
Therefore, it is most advisable to disinfect your home to prevent them from being housed in your cat’s body.

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