Black spots on Cat Ears: Learn How to treat for Ear Mites

If your cat has Black Spots or Brown Spots in his ears, that will probably be Ear Mites, it’s the most common cause of ears infection in cats.


What are the Black Spots?

Ear Mites are little creatures that inhabit our felines skin, that feed off dirt, wax and tissue fluid.
However, when our cat, for some reason has it’s immune system injured, those creatures migrate from the skin to the ears, and it can cause a lot of pain and physical discomfort.
If not treated can lead to a severe ear inflammation and in some cases to hearing loss or ear damage from scratching, so be alert for the following symptoms:

  • Ear scratching;
  • Abnormal head shaking;
  • Clack, crusty spots in the ears;
  • Sad or quiet behavior.


Why my Cat has Ear Mites/Black Spots on the Ears?

The motives that can lead your little friend to an injured immune system are stress, sadness, changing of environment, another cat or pet added to the house, jealousy or any other change in general.
If your feline friend has one of the symptoms and has faced any of the above situations, pay attention to these tips.

1) Keep him isolated from others, especially dogs and other cats, it’s common for the ears mites to pass on to other pets.
2) Clean his ears with cotton, but be careful, because the ears might be hurt and the pet might be aggressive.
3) Take the pet to the vet, the treatment is relatively short, so your furry friend will be good soon, but it’s important that you apply the hole treatment so the mites are permanently gone.
4) Give it more attention and love, all diseases are healed faster with love!

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