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Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much?

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Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much?

Do You Wanna Know Why Your Cat Sleeps So Much?

Does sometimes you get a feeling that your cat is never around? That he is always sleeping? Well, you're right! Do you know that cats are the most sleeping mammals? They sleep like 16 hours/day , like twice as much as us.

Do you wanna know why right? The answer may be a little unusual for you, but, the main motive is Hunt! And now you're like: What? Hunt? My cat doesn't hunt.
Let me explain it to you, cats are extremely efficient hunters, their whole body is adapted and programmed for it, when they are living as ferals and back then when they were not domesticated (like big cats) their life was based on hunt, eat their hunt and then sleep so they can get their hunt energy back. Hunt requires a high level of energy for cats, unlike canid mammals that hunt in groups, cats usually hunt alone, so they need a quick explosion of lots of energy so they can kill they pray right away, or their lunch I'll be gone. After that little explosion, they need to rest and get that energy back again, this also explains why they eat several times a day, they are getting back their energy for another meal.

The difference is, our furry friends don't hunt anymore, now they have food all day long, so they get bored and sleep more than they would outside, because they don't have to hunt, or find water neither find shelter.

If you wanna make your friend a little less bored and a little happier you can play hunting games with him at least 2 times a day, also place several trees and high shelves so he can have fun exploring them, hiding and other feral stuff. He will be happier and gonna sleep a little less.

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