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Cat Breeds List Off The Week

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Cat Breeds List Off The Week

We are back this week with our weekly column about Cat Breeds!

Today we're gonna talk about some two other breeds, and here they are

#3 Balinese Cat

The Balinese cat looks like a long hair siamese at first sight, he has an exotic and mysterious appearance and his name is inspired by the Balinese ballerinas. But, disregarding the name, he is not from Bali - Indonesia. He first appeared in the USA as a result of the breeding between a siamese and an angora cat.This breed is a very loyal one and it's common for them to be attached to one  specific person in the house. They are clever, caring and sociable but can also be a little bit jealous about his chosen owner.
He loves to play around, jump and climb, he adapts very easily to any other ambient and also to the presence of other animals and he needs frequent grooming through the long hair.


#4 Bengal Cat

 The Bengal breed is very famous for his wild appearance, his big eyes, and fur that reminds of big cats make him one of the breeds most similar to wild cats.
This breed is very playful, curious, sociable and caring, it's a result of the breed between a wild cat with the domestic one. He adapts very well when living together with human, children and other pets. Has a short and sensitive fur and don't need much grooming, one brushing a week is enough.
Though it seems a surprise he is a great swimmer, a heritage given by his wildling ancestors.


See you guys next week with some other breeds!