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Friskies VS Fancy Feast

Compare cat food, fancy feast, Friskies -

Friskies VS Fancy Feast

Friskies vs fancy feast

Have you ever asked yourself if you are feeding your cat properly? Cat parents usually have this same question about their feline pets, cats are a very strong animal, but regardless its strength they still need to be healthy, and besides much love, care and attention, food is the main factor to good health.
The common feed methods are “free feeding”, “strict time meals” or both, do you do one of those? Usually, free feeding is associated with dry food, and the strict time meals with moist food, since this type of food can’t be a feeder for much longer or it will perish. But if you have the time, you can wait for your cat to eat, and the same goes to the dry food, you can fill up the feeder in specific hours of the day. In order to help you take better care of your furry friend, we will explain some facts about those food methods, and also about two types of food of the same brand, Purina Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies. The first thing you need to know is that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they need muscle-based meats foods in their diets. So, when you are looking for a good food brand the first thing you need to check is how much protein they are made off. There are rules and standards that the brands need to follow, in order to ensure the necessary amount of nutrients for the pet. It says that all the types of food must provide guaranteed minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat and maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture.

Strict Time Feeding

The advantages of this method are that you can monitor the food intake, that way you can see in advanced if the cat appetite has changed, if the cat is eating less it can be a sign of some illness. If you have more than one cat, you can see closely if any of the cats are eating more than the others.
One disadvantage is that the cat can beg for food in the wrong hours. The overall rule is that kittens should be fed up to three times a day, as adult specialists indicate that you can feed them once or twice a day and it can be satisfactory, giving your can adequate nutrition. In fact, feeding just once a day should be acceptable for the majority of cats, as long as they are healthy and have no disease problems suggesting a reason to feel differently.

Free Feeding

First of all, as we said before, this method is associated with dry food, since the canned food if left out throughout the day can spoil.
Free feeding your cat, can also show some advantages, such as the food disponibility, the food is available at all times and the cat can eat in its own schedule.
Despite the dry food can endure more time, you still need to throw it away if it passes one day one the bowl, in order to maintain the freshness.
The disadvantage of free feeding is that can lead to overeating and obesity, and it’s difficult to tell if your cat appetite has changed.
If you notice that your cat is gaining weight from free feeding, there are some ways to decrease the food intake.
You have to make sure to properly measure the amount of food necessary for the day.
When the food is gone, don't fill it back up until the next day, this way your cat will get used to feeding throughout the day.
Another option, it's to use a food puzzle with pre-measured food so you control how much and how often your cat eats.
Food puzzles provide activity and mental stimulation for cats since they are obligate hunters, in the natural environment, cats would naturally work for their food.

Combination Feeding

You can try the mixed feeding too, in some cases this method can improve the cat’s health.
It consists of serving canned food twice a day and dry food continues to be freely available.
It allows your cat to eat multiple, small meals per day on her own schedule, you can monitor it closely, especially the wet food.
And nutritionally speaking, the benefits are greater, since you are mixing the canned that essentially has more nutrients and water and the dry that has more calories.
The disadvantage is that if your cat has an overheating problem, this method can also lead to obesity, like free feeding.
You need to measure the food and wait for the next day to refill.
Summing up, choosing between wet and dry food will depend on multiple factors like if a cat is diagnosed with urinary and kidney issues, it will benefit from the higher moisture content in wet food.
Otherwise, dry food can help with your cat’s teeth and is easier to store.
The choice must be made with your vet and consider your cat’s preference and also your disponibility does acquire each type of food.
Despite the method measuring food out each day is a great way to track how much your cat is eating.
It’s important to choose a high-quality food to provide the cat with the nutrients it needs, considering those, here are a food nutrient comparison.

Friskies VS Fancy Feast

  Purina Friskies

Crude Protein Comparison For Cat Food

Purina Friskies typically provides less protein than Fancy Feast.
However, this difference is relatively small and doesn't represent a significant difference between the two brands.
Fancy Feast wet cat foods also provide more protein than Purina Friskies wet foods.

Crude Fat Comparison For Cat Food

Purina Friskies dry recipes contain 6.39% less fat than Fancy Feast dry recipes.
This difference in fat content is a notable difference between Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies.
For wet cat foods, Purina Friskies typically provides a little more fat (about 2.26% more).

Crude Fiber Comparison For Cat Food

Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.
With regards to wet cat food, Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies also provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.

Fancy Feast Pet Food Ingredients vs. Purina Friskies Pet Food Ingredients

Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies both use the following controversial ingredients in many of their products:

  • Liver
  • Poultry
  • Brewers Rice
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Soybean Flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Poultry Giblets
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Meat By-Products
  • Poultry By-Products
  • Chicken By-Product Meal
  • Poultry By-Product Meal
  • Soybean Protein Concentrate
  • Animal Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)

Here are some of the controversial ingredients used only by Fancy Feast.

  • Animal Digest
  • Soybean Protein
  • Whole Grain Corn

Here are some of the controversial ingredients used only by Purina Friskies.

  • Ground Wheat
  • Soybean Hulls
  • Dried Corn Syrup
  • Ground Yellow Corn
  • Meat And Bone Meal
  • Powdered Cellulose
  • Chicken By-Products
  • Turkey By-Product Meal

Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies both use the following harmful ingredients in many of their products

  • Bha
  • Bht
  • Red 3
  • Blue 2
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 5
  • Yellow 6
  • Added Color
  • Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex

Harmful ingredients used only by Fancy Feast.

  • Blue 1
  • Corn Oil
  • Other Color

Product Safety: Recall History of Fancy Feast & Purina Friskies

Neither brand has issued any product recalls.

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