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How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching

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How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

Do you know why your cat keeps scratching and ruining your brand new and beautiful couch? No, he doesn't want to make you sad or make your life hell, in fact, he needs to scratch his nails, it's a physiological thing! Like when you cut your nails because they are too big and they are starting to bother you. It's almost the same thing, they scratch your couch because they have to remove the dead layers of nails, in order to keep them sharp for the next hunt, and also stretch their superior body parts, like a feline yoga if you like.

And there is one more reason, and it's an important one, between their fingers there are glands that leave their "personal smell" on things, so, they also mark their territory by scratching your beautiful furniture. After all, that I've told you, your thinking "What can I do if scratching its so vital for them?" Well, you have plenty of options! I'm gonna tell you some that you can do, I mean, you must do!

Cat Scratchers, Cat Trees and Cat Houses (with scratchers)

On this post, I'm gonna tell you about cat trees. Before we get mad with our little friends about scratching our furniture, we must provide a more attractive place for them to scratch, so they can forget about our couch.

If you have a kitten, then you should try to introduce the scratcher/cat tree while he is young, it's gonna be easier, but, if you have an adult cat (lucky you!), you can make he like scratchers too, so, chill out!

So the first thing you should do is found out where are the places that your cat like to scratch the most, and place the first scratchers beside this places. Like this: If your cat loves the right arm of your couch, place one scratcher beside the right arm, if your cat is a compulsive scratcher you're gonna need more then one. After you have already found out where they like to ruin, I mean, scratch, you should start looking for a scratcher, or a cat tree, or a cat house.

Cat trees are a good acquisition for people that have more than one cat in the house because they are very good for territory marking, besides they are ideal for cats that like high places to scratch. Some of them also have some toys and that can distract your friend too.

Ok, now, how can I make my cat use this?

Well, in the first place you must make it attractive for him, you can put some catnip on it, if your cat doesn't like catnip that much you can put his favorite toy on the top of the house so he can climb the tree and get familiar with it. You can also play games with him on the scratching parts doing a scratch like movement. That way he will understand that this is a place to scratch and this will become a positive reinforcement. Besides this tips, the more important one is : Be patient! It's gonna take you a while to teach your friend how to use the scratchers and stuff, but it's gonna be worth it in the end.

Check out some nice cat trees for your little friend!