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Let's Talk About Feline Obesity! When we are talking about cats in the average size and weight a little bit of extra weight can mean a bad thing. Any gain of weight for a cat, is very important, even if the owner think it's meanless. If we can understand why isn't healthy a human being overweight we must understand that neither a cat should be overweight. Putting in technical terms, obesity isn't healthy because it comes with other diseases.  - The cat increases his chances of metabolic diseases. There are studies that show that cats with weight over 15 pounds have...

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What are the best cat foods for your indoor cat? Inside felines usually stay in much safer as well as even more comfortable settings in comparison to their exterior counterparts, however prolonged exposure to inside tasks, central heating and air systems may endanger their potential well being. Furthermore, pet cats that live inside tend to self-groom more often, boosting the opportunity of hairballs which can be uncomfortable for any cat. Because of this, an indoor kitty's nutritional requirements are actually different from those from a cat that lives outside. Why is an cats food formula important for indoor living? Skin And Fur -- Indoor...

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