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Is your cat napping more than usual? Or maybe meowing a lot? Destroying your stuff? Maybe it’s time to get them a toy! Cats are very agitated animals and more important, they are hunters! Just like their distant relatives, the big cats, they have that urge to hunt. Indoor cats don't have the opportunity to really hunt real preys, like squirrels, birds, and mice for example. This little problem adds with their cleverness can turn your friend into a little "devil". Why? Because they need a lot of mental stimulation so they can spend their energies and don't become destructive or misbehaved....

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How can I make my cat stop attacking me? You're starting your day, everything is normal, until, suddenly you get "attacked" by your furry friend. You have to understand that your cat is not crazy, he is not ill, he is not mad at you, and he is definitely not attacking you What really happens is this... He is indeed jumping and biting you, but he doesn't want to hurt you, he just wanna play and he is inviting you for a fun play time! By jumping on you, he is pretending that you are a delicious mouse that he needs...

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Do You Wanna Know Why Your Cat Sleeps So Much? Does sometimes you get a feeling that your cat is never around? That he is always sleeping? Well, you're right! Do you know that cats are the most sleeping mammals? They sleep like 16 hours/day , like twice as much as us. Do you wanna know why right? The answer may be a little unusual for you, but, the main motive is Hunt! And now you're like: What? Hunt? My cat doesn't hunt. Let me explain it to you, cats are extremely efficient hunters, their whole body is adapted and programmed...

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