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Is your cat napping more than usual? Or maybe meowing a lot? Destroying your stuff? Maybe it’s time to get them a toy! Cats are very agitated animals and more important, they are hunters! Just like their distant relatives, the big cats, they have that urge to hunt. Indoor cats don't have the opportunity to really hunt real preys, like squirrels, birds, and mice for example. This little problem adds with their cleverness can turn your friend into a little "devil". Why? Because they need a lot of mental stimulation so they can spend their energies and don't become destructive or misbehaved....

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How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture Do you know why your cat keeps scratching and ruining your brand new and beautiful couch? No, he doesn't want to make you sad or make your life hell, in fact, he needs to scratch his nails, it's a physiological thing! Like when you cut your nails because they are too big and they are starting to bother you. It's almost the same thing, they scratch your couch because they have to remove the dead layers of nails, in order to keep them sharp for the next hunt, and also stretch...

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