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Top 10  Best Cat Toys

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Top 10 Best Cat Toys

Is your cat napping more than usual? Or maybe meowing a lot? Destroying your stuff? Maybe it’s time to get them a toy!

Cats are very agitated animals and more important, they are hunters! Just like their distant relatives, the big cats, they have that urge to hunt. Indoor cats don't have the opportunity to really hunt real preys, like squirrels, birds, and mice for example. This little problem adds with their cleverness can turn your friend into a little "devil". Why? Because they need a lot of mental stimulation so they can spend their energies and don't become destructive or misbehaved. There are two categories of toys, the interactive ones, and the solo ones.
In this post, we have separated the best toys from both categories, the ones that are guaranteed to get your cat attention!

 Interactive Toys Solo Toys

The interactive promotes some interaction, can be between you and your friend, or maybe the cat and his cat friend. 
It’s a nice way to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend.


The solos ones are indicated for situations that your cat is playing alone, or with other cat friends. Solo toys are good if you spend a lot of time away from home and your furry friend spends too much time alone.


 Interactive Toys

  1. Wands

    The wands can be made of several materials. Watch your cat chase, leap, and stalk this toy, provides a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting instincts. The cat teaser is an interactive toy to strengthen the relationships between you and your cat.

  2. Balls

    Balls are easy to play with, you can play with your friend or he can play alone too! It's very good to make him run around the house. Thais Catnip Ball can develop your pet intelligence and bring him a lot of joy. He is going to be crazy about it!

  3. Control Remote Mice

    This toy can make your cat run through the house and spend all the energies! It's great for very active cats.  

  4. Laser for Cats

    Interactive Toy for playing with your cats or dogs, this exercise chaser toy can satisfy the curiosity and playfulness of your pet and relieve your pets' anxiety. It's suitable for indoor use and the optimal projection range is about 1 m.

  5. Glove Cat Toy

    It has a fun and contrasting color, It's great for interactive play and can provide some exercise opportunities in the form of chasing and jumping fun. It also encourages your cat's hunting instinct! 

Solo Toys

  1. Tunnels

    This popular tunnel chute gives your kitty more ways to have fun, provides hours of exercise & self-amusement. With a provided elastic band, our tunnel folds down small in seconds for easy travel and storage. Each tube is about 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep. Take the entertainment with you anywhere, so your pet is never going to be bored!

  2. Petstages with balls

    If you are looking for fun and effective ways to keep your cats entertained and all perky, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the greatest cat toy bundle set that will be adored by all cats and kittens of all ages. Both of our toys can be played by multiple cats at the same time for funnier cat gaming moments either inside the house or outdoors!

  3. Scratchers

    This toy Scratching Board Sofa Bed Furniture is specifically made for your Pet Cat, Kitty, or Kitten it is durable and can be used to help the cat repair its claws.

  4. Cat Trees and Cat Towers

    Cats are used to living in a vertical ambient, so they use the elevated areas for safety, comfort, exercise and fun. Cats really enjoy being at the top of the room, this cat tree is going to bring him excitement and joy!

  5. Cat House


Domestic cats still have the same instincts as their distant relatives, the felines, and that implies that they really like to be hidden (that's why they like boxes!). This egg shaped cat house is going to make your cat feels like he is hidden, and he is going to love it! 

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