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How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture Do you know why your cat keeps scratching and ruining your brand new and beautiful couch? No, he doesn't want to make you sad or make your life hell, in fact, he needs to scratch his nails, it's a physiological thing! Like when you cut your nails because they are too big and they are starting to bother you. It's almost the same thing, they scratch your couch because they have to remove the dead layers of nails, in order to keep them sharp for the next hunt, and also stretch...

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Let's face one likes cat poop. It takes so much time to scoop out of the litter box and don't get me started on the awful odor that it emits. Sometimes I just want to throw the whole litter box away just so I don't have to deal with it.  Well today, after much searching, we have dug around a little and found the best cat litter to control and eliminate smelly odor. Bellow is what we have found to be the absolute best litter product on the market to control odor:   Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter...

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What are the best cat foods for your indoor cat? Inside felines usually stay in much safer as well as even more comfortable settings in comparison to their exterior counterparts, however prolonged exposure to inside tasks, central heating and air systems may endanger their potential well being. Furthermore, pet cats that live inside tend to self-groom more often, boosting the opportunity of hairballs which can be uncomfortable for any cat. Because of this, an indoor kitty's nutritional requirements are actually different from those from a cat that lives outside. Why is an cats food formula important for indoor living? Skin And Fur -- Indoor...

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