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Must have apps for cat owners! All of us cat owners know how passionate and charming these pets can be, and besides our hearts, they have also conquered the internet! Only those who look for cute cats videos on the internet know what I'm talking about! Thinking about you, passionate cat owner, we've picked the best apps to entertain your feline friend! These apps can function as a distraction, a way to relieve the cat anxiety and also to strengthen the relationship with the owner! Check them out! 1) Cat Fishing This one is an app developed by Friskies, It's...

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Have you ever wanted to know why your cat licks you? Here are some reasons why your cat licks you: 1) He is showing his love for you, human! Mama cat usually grooms her litter and the same happens between feline friends and litter buddies, they groom each other them as a sign of caring and protection.Cats usually spend about 50 percent of their time grooming them-self and have a different way to show affection, so when your cat licks you, he is actually grooming you and showing you he likes you. You can enjoy this show of love to...

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If you have a feline friend than I bet sometimes you caught yourself wondering what your cat means when it's meowing and weaving between your legs. So what you need to know is that felines don't really meow at each other for communication, they commonly use the body language, hormones and mark of territory and extreme cases, like fights or when they are frightened, there are the hisses.Kittens usually meow at their mama cat asking for food, but as they grow old they switch the communication methods for the ones above, Then why they still meow at us, their humans?...

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Don't you wanna know the truth behind the Purr? We heard all of our lives that the "purr", the noise that cats make sometimes are due the "happiness" they are feeling at the moment. But, the "purr" is much more than just happiness, there are so many theories they go from communication and ,believe if you want, self-healing. A cat purrs when he is liking the cuddle or the new food, and this is true, but they also purr when they are hurt and in pain. They can purr even when they are about to die.Yes, that's also true.Besides, cat mamas...

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