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The Best Cats Apps

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The Best Cats Apps

Must have apps for cat owners!

All of us cat owners know how passionate and charming these pets can be, and besides our hearts, they have also conquered the internet!
Only those who look for cute cats videos on the internet know what I'm talking about! Thinking about you, passionate cat owner, we've picked the best apps to entertain your feline friend! These apps can function as a distraction, a way to relieve the cat anxiety and also to strengthen the relationship with the owner!

Check them out!

1) Cat Fishing

This one is an app developed by Friskies, It's available for IOS and Android, It shows fishes on the screen and your friend can tap to catch them! The more he catches more difficult it gets.  


2) Pocket Pond

It's very similar to the cat fishing game! It displays a pond on the screen and the cat can tap to get some fishes! Available to Android and IOS. 



3) Cat Game

This one displays a laser-like dot on the screen, it attracts the cat attention. So, the cat tries to catch the dot. Available for IOS and Android.


4) PetSnap

Are you always trying to take a great picture of your cat unsuccessfully? This app makes several sounds that can catch your cat attention, and that's it! Great pics to come! Available only for IOS. 

5) CatSnap

This app can capture the most fun cat pictures! It displays a laser dot or mice on the screen, and when the cat taps it, the app takes a photo! It's a Cat Selfie! So much fun. Available for IOS and Android.


6) PetSafe

The Petsafe app was made in order to help cat owners when their cat is in need of first aid! It helps you to understand how to proceed in several situations. But be careful, it doesn't replace a vet! Available for IOS and Android.


Those were the best ones till now! If we from Catnip found out more must-have apps for cat owners you'll be the first to know!