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Why Does My Cat Meow At Me?

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Why Does My Cat Meow At Me?

If you have a feline friend than I bet sometimes you caught yourself wondering what your cat means when it's meowing and weaving between your legs.

So what you need to know is that felines don't really meow at each other for communication, they commonly use the body language, hormones and mark of territory and extreme cases, like fights or when they are frightened, there are the hisses.
Kittens usually meow at their mama cat asking for food, but as they grow old they switch the communication methods for the ones above, Then why they still meow at us, their humans? And why does it works? Some cats specialists tell us that cats meow because they want something from us, and mostly because we give them what they want!
Experts also say that humans associate the meow of a cat with the cry of an infant, and that gives us, the humans, the urge to satisfy their needs. So now that we can understand why they have this need of meowing we can start to distinguish the pitches, tones, volumes, lengths, and frequencies of the meow.
Check out the most common motives that your cat vocalizes.

Greetings: Your cat can meow when you get home, or even when you see each other around the house. It's just a caring way to say "Hello".

Attention seeking: Besides the popular thinking, cats don't really like to be alone much time. So they can meow trying to initiate play time, petting or even a conversation with their human. 

Pain or distress: Cats in pain or distress may become more vocal than normal, so if your cat it's meowing more than normal it may be good to take your cat to the vet. Speaking in vets, when you are taking your cat to the vet, that loud meow they make it's the perfect example of a "Distress Meow"! 

Asking for food: The "get me food meow" is pretty specific, usually is a loud and continuous one, till you put some food in their bowl.

Asking to be let in or out: If you have a cat it's certain that you've heard or saw your cat meowing at a closed door. That happens because they want to get out, or maybe get in, and they know that by vocalizing you will let them pass.  

Heat: When a female cat wants to find a mate, they vocalize a loud and long yowl to advise de possible partners. It can be pretty uncomfortable for us humans. So it's another motive to spay your friend. 

Getting older: When your friend gets older it may be a decrease in the cognitive function that is demonstrated in several ways, including loud and continuous meow.

Communicating with other cats: This type of communication mostly consists in yowls and hisses. 

It's also important to know that every cat has a different personality so some of them can be very vocal and others not that much. You need to understand your furry friend and use that way of communication to fortify your relationship! 

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