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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Have you ever wanted to know why your cat licks you?

Here are some reasons why your cat licks you:

1) He is showing his love for you, human!

Mama cat usually grooms her litter and the same happens between feline friends and litter buddies, they groom each other them as a sign of caring and protection.Cats usually spend about 50 percent of their time grooming them-self and have a different way to show affection, so when your cat licks you, he is actually grooming you and showing you he likes you.
You can enjoy this show of love to spend quality time with your friend. Toys are a great way to strengthen the relationship.

2) You taste good!

Cats tend to like salty-tasting foods then they are attracted to the owner's sweat, which is also salty. Based on that your cat can lick you after you got back from the gym or a run. Body lotions and soaps can also have a scent that is attractive to them, so they may lick you when you're leaving the bath.

3) Mark their territory

Our feline friend can make his marking of territory in different ways and licking is one of them. It is an inheritance learned through the mother cat, that licks her litter to mark them with her scent and signal that the litter belongs to her. And it is exactly the same thing that your cat is doing to you, marking you, saying to other cats that you are his/her human.
However, if this behavior becomes compulsive it becomes necessary to do a visit to the vet.

4) Beware of excessive behavior

Although it's an affectionate behavior, linking humans or household things excessively can mean that the cat may be experiencing some kind of stress. If this occurs take your friend straight to the vet.
If it is just an excessive behavior is important that you discourage it. Try to redirect your cat's attention when it starts licking, catnip toys, treats or affection can help to distract it, you must give these rewards only when the conduct it's not occurring, when the cat it's not licking you or other things, and ignore it when the behavior begins to occur. With a little patience, this can be solved. meanwhile enjoy a video of a cute cat grooming his human!

Meanwhile enjoy a video of a cute cat grooming his human!