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black spots, cat ears, cats, ear infection -

If your cat has Black Spots or Brown Spots in his ears, that will probably be Ear Mites, it's the most common cause of ears infection in cats. What are the Black Spots? Ear Mites are little creatures that inhabit our felines skin, they migrate to the ear canal and feed off ear wax and skin oils, an adult mite lives for approximately two months, multiplying quickly. The eggs take four days to hatch and further three weeks to become an adult and start breeding. The most common species in veterinary medicine is "Otodectes Cynotis", it can present as an...

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drinking water, water filtration -

Why Does My Pet Need To Drink From A Water Filter?! Why would you allow your furry companions to drink water that is a lower quality than what you put into your own body? It is common knowledge that public water systems contain levels of bacteria, yet feed bowls continue to be filled with tap water. Just as we humans, animals require water for survival and are also approximately 80% water. Due to these facts, animal experts agree that a water filtration system for your pet is the best option for their health and well-being. Giving your pets tap water,...

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