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Cats Breeds List! Which cat breed can match your lifestyle?

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Cats Breeds List! Which cat breed can match your lifestyle?

Cat Nip Toys Decided to Help You in Your Search For a New Furry Friend! 

So, in this weekly column, we will present to you several cats breeds with pics, and you can decide on wich one will match your lifestyle! So here are the first two of the week!

#1 Abyssinian cat

This cat breed started on Ethiopia, and his origins are still a mystery. He has an aspect that reminds us of a Cougar, but a little one. 
He has an agile, slim and fit body due to the intense physics activity they need daily. Also, he has an exceptional intelligence. This breed loves a company and gets sad if left alone for a long time, loves affection, is extremely curious and loves to climb! He can be a little bit chatty too, and loves to swim! Is known for liking other pets like dogs and other cats, also kids and people. He has a short hair so they don't need too much brushing, but they are a very energetic breed and need lots of physics activity. 


#2 American Shorthair

The American Shorthair it's a robust breed descendent of the first cats brought to the United States from Europe by the colonizers. When they got here they adapted to the climate, the local , the landscapes and helped the humans to control the rat population on the houses, barns and storages.
They have a strong and brawny body.  They are a bright , intelligent and playful cat breed, even after they have grown up, but not too active. They are super loving with their owners and not at all aggressive. They like a little bit to communicate with the humans, by meowing, and gets along with other pets and children. Due the short hair, they don't need too much grooming.

So, wich one would you choose? See you next week with two more breeds!