Expecting a baby can be an exciting time for parents. However, it can also be an overwhelming time because of the constant worries about whether your first baby can live safely and harmoniously with your beloved cat. If you have a cat, it may not like the idea of having a new human child around the house. Fortunately, if your kitty is correctly introduced into the brand-new situation, it may peacefully exist with the baby.

Catnip toys are great playthings for our beloved furballs. These are good entertainment for cats when they are bored. Most people believe that catnip is a feel-good drug for our felines. These playthings may encourage new behavior and mood. However, not all cats react the same to catnip toys. Some don’t have any reaction to the toys when introduced while others display a change in behavior.

Catnip is not dangerous to your feline pets even if they ingest tiny parts of the toy. Just like with any toy though, they will eventually lose interest with these playthings. It’s important to remove them from time to time and replace them with other toys, so they’re always excited whenever you give them back to your cat.

Any form of entertainment for our beloved pets is good because it keeps them physically and mentally busy. Unfortunately, they must be stored somewhere safe and away from your little ones. Since babies are curious about everything, they tend to put anything into their mouth. Although this may look cute, it may lead to accidental choking or poisoning. If you have cats and you let them play with catnip toys, then you must only give these playthings whenever your little angel is asleep. You must also remove them immediately once your baby or children are awake.

Since babies like to mimic adult people and even cats, there’s a possibility they would chew on the cat toys. Catnip toys can be dangerous to your little ones. Your baby may choke on catnip toys especially if they break into small pieces. When left unattended, your baby may swallow some of the bits laying around on the floor. Anything that’s small enough for babies to swallow or will break into tiny pieces must never be given to your little one.

Since they are made for cats, the processing of these playthings is not clean. There could be vermin or insect droppings on the toys or on the materials used to manufacture the items. If your baby chews or swallows the toy, they may experience gastrointestinal disturbances and other health problems. Lastly, the plant is not recommended for infants to digest. Since the dosage for catnip herb intake depends on several factors such as age and other health conditions, your baby may experience stomach pain, sluggishness, and irritability. Your children may also react to the herb differently. Although most people are not allergic to catnip, your little one may have a different reaction to the herb. So it’s better to keep it away from your children, especially if you’re not there to supervise your baby during playtime.

You can also make your own catnip toys using simple materials you can find around the house. There are several DIY catnip playthings guide on the internet for cat owners to use if they don’t want to buy premade toys. You can follow the easy step-by-step guides on how to create your own playthings. From homemade catnip yarn balls to sock toys for cats, you can make the best entertainment for your feline buddy.

If you don’t have the time to go on the DIY route, you can always buy your cat toys. Since you have a new baby around the house, make sure you one that is clean, so you don’t have to worry about your baby chewing on the toy.

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