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Window Mount Cat Bed | Pet Hammock | Sunny Seat | Pet Bed

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Window Mount Cat Bed Pet Hammock As Seen On TV Sunny Seat Pet Beds With Color Box Package Free Shipping

Cats love to chase the sun, give them the perfect bed to capture the warmth of the sun rays. Get the cat off your furniture to help avoid having cat hair everywhere. Easy to install with suction cups so all you need to do is choose a window! Cats love laying in the sun. Cats love being up high. And you love your cat! – That’s why you’ll love the Sunny Seat!

  •  Easy to mount on a clean and lean surface with suction caps and extended support
  •  Easy to clean to avoid having excess cat hair on your couch and chairs
  •  Perfect for smaller spaces and even travelling.
  •  Holds up to 15kg
  •  Colour: Beige
  •  Material: cloth and plastic
  •  Product dimensions (L x W x H): 54 x 34 x 54cm
  •  Material: cloth and plastic
  •  Colour: Beige
  •  Warning: for safety reasons do not place too high or near open window