Taking in a Stray Cat: Is it bad to accept stray cats?

Is it bad to accept stray cats? I can assure you something, It’s a life-changing event!

When you decide to adopt a stray cat, you are getting yourself a life companion that will show you and give you all the love you need! In addition, you are saving a life, changing that little being world and making it happier!

Strays live their entire lives in a very difficult, lonely and dangerous environment.
Most of them don’t know love and affection coming from humans, so when you bring them home and show them what love is all about, they will be extremely grateful, especially if you are taking in an adult feline, believe me, they are the most nurturing and loving ones.

Since you have already made this incredible decision, here are some tips of what you should do to start your new feline adventure!

Step 1
The first thing is to approach it with caution, you can lure it with food, or cat traps, and even wrap it with a towel and take it to the vet.
But, watch out, strays usually are afraid of humans due to bad experiences on the streets, so they might scratch or bite you. But don’t be mad at them, they are simply defending themselves.

Step 2
Call the Vet!
Since the first and most difficult part has already been gone, now what you need to do is take it to the vet.
Strays don’t usually get taken care in the streets, so you need to get it checked out for diseases, like Erythemia, Anemia, Rhinotracheitis, and others.

Step 3
If it is healthy, now is time to take it home!
The integration must be done slowly, you need to purchase a good premium cat food brand , a litter box, and other essentials such as cat toys, and cat trees. These things are going to make it feel at home.

Step 4
If you have other pets at home, you must do the proper introduction, talk with your Vet about it!
Cats are extremely territorialist, the beginning can be tough,
they may be used to steal food, fight.
But do not punish a cat for accidents, and encourage it to eat often, particularly if malnourished.

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